About Us


HES exists to improve the lives of its clients by providing access to needed capital in a manner and structure that is transparent and beneficial to the long term wellbeing of its clients.

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A Note from the Founders

Home Equity Solutions was created because we believe that every homeowner who has managed to amass a significant amount of equity in their home should be able to easily access that capital to better their lives. During tough financial times of our own, we needed the equity in our home to help alleviate the financial pressure; however, we did not qualify for a traditional loan. We managed to make ends meet, but life would have been much easier had there been an option to access our equity. Inspired by this personal experience, we set out to change the landscape of home equity accessibility by creating HES. We truly appreciate your business and are here to serve you and your family.

-Lance Niel and Erin Niel

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